„Your future in the plant“


„Ihre Zukunft in der Pflanze“© means your future lies in the plant – this slogan shows the benefits of good characters of Breun varieties for farmers and industry. With Breun varieties farmers are able to use breeding progress at once. Breeding progress is not limited to grain yield. Progress can be seen in improved resistance, higher quality and better agronomic characters.
Our breeding


Saatzucht Josef Breun GmbH & Co. KG breeds winter wheat, 2-row-winter barley, 6-row-winter barley and spring barley. With their breeding stations at Herzogenaurach, Morgenrot and Lenglern Breun breeders are able to select varieties for all important environmental conditions of Germany. This family owned breeding company also has breeding, selection and trialing stations abroad.
Our research

Research & Development

Nowadays research and development in breeding is greatly supported by biotechnological methods which can accelerate this process considerably.

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