Saatzucht Josef Breun GmbH & Co. is a family owned midsize plant breeding company, which has been breeding winter wheat, winter barley and spring barley since 1906. Now in its fourth generation, the company has breeding stations in Germany and abroad and produces technical seed on its own farms. In Germany Saatzucht Josef Breun varieties are distributed mainly by the company’s new business partner Limagrain GmbH. For worldwide distribution the responsibility belongs to the Saatzucht Josef Breun subsidiary, Breun Seed GmbH & Co. KG.

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Breun Morgenrot GmbH & Co. are the agricultural farms of Morgenrot and Herzogenaurach. The sizes of the farms are approximately 1.300 ha at Morgenrot and 350 ha at Herzogenaurach. Both farms multiply technical seed for distribution. At both locations the breeding area is integrated into the crop rotation of the farms. This ensures a high degree of purity of the seed produced.

Breun Seed GmbH & Co. is a subsidiary of Saatzucht Josef Breun GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to cleaning, treatment, preparation and packaging of seed, Breun Seed is responsible for worldwide distribution of Breun varieties.

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